Monday, November 4, 2013

The Robots of November - Part Two

I really like this robot.  The builder is a fun kid with just the right amount of gleeful malice.

This is a vertical spinner, not an easy thing to build.  Here is a very short vid clip....I think it will work better with a couple of small spikes in the weapon arm.


There are quite a few robots that have just gone for brute pushing force.  I sometimes ban four wheel drive robots but this year found myself with a large number of servos salvaged from the remains of robots in previous tournaments.  And since my only rules are:  "No flamethrowers, no hand grenades and no live animals", I could not exactly ban them this year:

A rather spikey competitor.  The wheels are studded with thumbtacks to get better traction on the wood floor arena.


They also make a nice clicky noise when they run.

One of the hardest designs to pull off successfully is one which has an outer shell spinning around the robot.  Here is an ambitious work in progress...

I think the configuration of the steak knives is less than optimal, but when the Tupperware bowl is fitted onto the base, with its Barbie Jeep gearbox, it should be impressive.

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