Monday, November 18, 2013

Easily rests the head that wears the Nerd Crown

My middle school combat robotics class has reached its kinetic conclusion.  All the supplies are boxed up until next year.

Most years I then proceed to an " Advanced Robotics" class with a smaller group.  We have done some fun projects in the past.  But this year other duties call, so no dice.  Or maybe just dice...

I did agree to reprise last year's Dungeons and Dragons group.  It was an implausible success, and of the many classes I have done over the years (about 15 basic robotics, 6 advanced ones) it was by far the easiest one to do.  I understand that the group I had last spring continued to meet and play on their own all summer.  Heck, they may still be doing so.

I was surprised to learn that this year's D & D class filled almost instantly.  They could have filled it 4 times over.

Maybe I should not be surprised after all.  Call it the Big Bang Effect but it is fashionable to be a nerd these days.  Nerds go on to get jobs.  Nerds can troubleshoot smartphone problems for cheerleaders.

Hey, it worked out for me.  I have a good job.  I am married to a smart lady who claims to have been a cheerleader (I know its not true but so what).  I am a grown up pretending to be a kid.  They are kids who are ahead of the game of becoming grownups.

I am it seems, the King of the Nerds.

Dogs Playing Dungeons and Dragons!

I like any variation on Dogs playing Poker.  The above is by a fellow named Jay Babcock.  He ran a successful kickstarter campaign selling prints of this.  You might want one.  I might want one....


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