Saturday, November 16, 2013

Machines Behaving Badly - After Action Report, November 2013

Running all day, fixing a radio failure here, a dead battery there, passing out a little encouragement when needed to a disappointed contestant.  I took a grand total of one picture at the event.  Behold, Robot Cemetery...

Fortunately for the historic record the local news was there and did a rather nice bit on the action. Only 1:41 and well worth the viewing...

The Robot Apocalypse comes to Middle School

We threw a few audience volunteers into the fray and they did quite well.  You may note a fair number of fancy, heavily armed robots in the mechanical boneyard.  As usual the grand prize was won by a quiet kid with a simple design...who could drive with ferocious concentration and discipline.  Not the kind of kid who gets picked first on sports teams.  But a champion today.

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