Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Robots of November - Part Four

A round up of some more robots, with a few observations.

Decent weapon, it is some kind of masonry saw that will chew but not bite in.  Poor weight distribution even with all the battery power at the back.  We last saw this robot coming in third in our "robot race" video.

Four wheel drive pushers have a significant advantage.  Most matches that end dramatically do so when a victim is pushed into arena hazards.  I am not sure what that little electronic device is on the front.  Many of the kids are working quite independently now.  Seems to have its name written on the side in hot glue.

I am down to my last few scraps of quarter inch polycarbonate.  When sharpened it makes a nice weapon blade.  Lighter than steel and much easier to work with.  Robot has a very narrow wheel base and should be easy to tip.  Sometimes a machine like this can self right by powering up the weapon and bouncing around the arena until it lands right side up again.

Another four wheeled pusher. But with the wheels dangerously exposed.....


The Old Man said...

Clever little fiends, aren't they? Do you have photos of past winners? Any commonality in weapons systems or drives?
Do I sound like I need another hobby? (gr)

Tacitus2 said...

Hope to have some decent pix of the event next week. In a general sense the boring four wheel drive pushers tend to do the best. The exotic, extravagant spinning weapons based on kiddy car gearboxes are the crowd favorites.

If as a hobby you mean, should you offer to start a program like this in your area I would say...go for it, I will loan you what you need.