Sunday, November 10, 2013

Boring Blog Maintenance Stuff

Just a few little changes.  Over on the Blog List I have dropped the We Dig Vindolanda link.  It was a site I had a hand in administering.  But a decision was made recently to "mothball" the site on 15 November.  It is/was an ancient site by internet standards and the effort to revamp it to current standards was felt to not be worth it.

We Dig initially existed to do two things.  It was a social site, a place where volunteer excavators could stay in touch in the off season and to coordinate rides, trips to the pub etc during the summer.  This function has largely switched over to other social media venues.

It also did yeoman service as a way to follow the excavations, to look back at the history of the site, maybe show a few odd artifacts (only after the supervising archeologists approved of course).

After more than a few false starts the organization running the Vindolanda excavation has started their own blog.  So far it is quite good, and is linked in the new Blog List.


The other link changes reflect this and that.  Some blogs fizzle out and are not updated often enough. Some have political stances that might rile folks up.  The two "political" sites I currently link to, Borepatch and The Gormogons, are done by folks who have opinions I do not entirely share...but are witty and thought provoking.


And so it goes, three days a week unless I am traveling, then it might be less or more.  Thanks for stopping in.

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