Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Jesus at the Surplus Store

I don't know where Axman Surplus gets their stuff.  It is a store where it pays to visit often, there is usually something good that has turned up.  Last visit it was some high quality backpacks.  The time before I scored two huge rolls of thin polycarbonate for my robotics class.

Then there are the semi - permanent display items....not for sale.

A somewhat cartoonish Jesus has been hanging around the place for about a year now.  He seems to favor the more human aspect of the human/Divine dual nature.  Specifically he looks like some kind of soulful hipster.

An enigmatic face.  You have to speculate on what sort of teachings He would come up with.  The chain around his neck holds a medallion.

Is this a plea for tolerance?  Or just an admonition for kids not to climb on Him?  But I thought He suffered the children to come to Him?

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