Monday, September 12, 2011

Wizard of Oz Dogs

What?  Again with the dogs?

I can't be serious all the time now can I?

A good dog series needs a unifying theme.  And the Wizard of Oz serves well.  It has that sort of campy feel to it.  In the original film the costumes were all a bit cheesy and garish, just the sort of thing to slap onto Fido.

We can dispense with the all too obvious Toto and Wicked Witch.  And frankly the titular Wizard is very uninteresting visually.

Here is a rather good Scarecrow:
We love dogs for so many reasons, but as a general rule they are clever rather than intelligent.  This pooch has that wide eyed "looking for a brain" air about him.

And here is his side kick:

From the jovial bon vivant look to this bulldog you can be assured that he has already been issued a heart.

How about Dorothy?

Hey, isn't that the Scarecrow in drag?
The basket is a nice touch.

As you can tell, dogs are among my most beloved critters.  Their only serious rival might be.....monkeys.

So for total kitch bliss here are a pair of dogs dressed up as Flying Monkeys!

Oh Yeah.  That's what I'm talkin' about

In case it is not clear, I am not the creator of these images, merely a sort of curator for the collection.  To give due credit:

Dorothy and Scarecrow are from dogcostumedeals
Tin Man is from  costumedogs

And the most exquisite Flying Monkeydogs are from BostonTerrier

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