Friday, September 30, 2011

Fuel and Ice

It's probably the archeologist in me, but I am fascinated by how quickly the works of man start to fade from view.

A local mom and pop gas station closed last fall.  No surprise there really, it had been in business since the 1930's, and the main road went elsewhere long ago.  They made a go of it anyway, what with home fuel sales, auto repairs and somewhat atypically an ice business.  They used to cut it on a local lake in the winter and store it in an ice house.

So it went out of business, and almost immediately their signs just began to vanish.
This boat used to have two happy fishermen in it.  Now all that is left is the blue pants of the guy in front, and of the guy steering the boat...
This was once a nice piece of folk art signage, certainly done by the owner or a family member.  A couple of small touches...
And a hat tip to the annonymous artist, whose last name was perhaps Wiltrout based on the family associated with the business.
9...certainly not 2009.  But was it '99, '89, '79?
On the more protected side of the building a vaguely alarming it Blue Man Group on tour?  The Smurfville Grand Prix?  Or just a guy who has been breathing too many exhaust fumes?
Maybe it is Ozymandius....."look upon my works, oh ye mighty..."

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