Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Minnesota State Fair-Bad Stuff on Sticks

Consuming unhealthy food on sticks has become a Fair time tradition.  Even a cliche.  But it makes perfect sense when you stop and think about it.  People go to the Fair in a mood to indulge a bit.  Food sales is a hyper competitive business with more vendors than you can count.  Those who accommodate indulgences will make money, although I suppose somewhere on the Fair grounds is a lonely outpost selling granola and fresh fruit.

As to the stick part, well, your product is probably dripping with hot deep fry oil or frosting-better yet both!-and is not something people want to grab a hold of.  You need to send them on their way so as to make room for the next rube, so what better solution than food with a handle!

 Here with minimum comment are Bad Things on Sticks from the 2011 State Fair:
This seems like a knock off of the venerable "Pronto Pup"  copyright issues one imagines

I don't know how they managed this

I really did not want to ask about this one.
This is "Beer on a Stick"  A clever wooden paddle with holes for three small sample glasses!

The hunt for ever more exotic meat to deep fry and impale..

Hot dish is a Midwestern tradition.  Think macaroni and hamburger.  
Trendy.  Looks like just coffee flavored ice cream

OK, I admit this last one was cheating.  A pinball machine is something you really must not eat, most of the preceding were simply things that you really should not eat. 

I searched in vain for Stick of Butter on a Stick but did not see it.  Had I captured this elusive prey I would have saved it for State Fair Part Four.....Food couldn't actually get any worse.....could it?

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