Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Axman Surplus II

I hope you have a nearby surplus store.  It is guy shopping at its best.  But I don't think they would have quite the sense of humor of Axman.  A few examples:
Oh, this last one does require a little explanation.  I think that is Stephen King on the sign, but even the master of schlock horror would be squeamish about lending his name to this concept.  But actually what is being sold are surplus "Baby Think it Over" dolls.  These are kind of creepy life like dolls that are issued to 8th graders to tote around for a few days.  If you do not attend to their needs, well, attentively they scream, fuss and electronically record your sloth for the grading displeasure of the Health class teacher.  Lets just peek in that basket, Mr. King....
Over on the right side of the picture is a rubber chicken that got tossed in by accident.  So, where are the heads?  Right inside the front door of the store I guess..
Sort of a nightmare version of the Knights who say "Neeee!".  At least they were stationary, at one of the other Axman locations they have hooked one of these creepy babies up to a motion sensor and when you pass him on the aisle his eyes light up glowing red and he starts to cry!

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Harry said...

3-headed babies for the win! This reminds me, there's a surplus store within easy drive of me. I need to check it out and see what kind of Mad Scientist inspiration can hit me.