Monday, June 7, 2021

Covid -19 Falls Down

Sometimes I encounter things on my morning walk that seem significant.  June 2nd, 2021.  A neglected, mud spattered sign seemingly abandoned on the boulevard.  

Demand for Covid vaccination in Wisconsin is dropping precipitously, and some large scale administration sites have closed for lack of customers.  This is often spun as evidence of the ongoing foolishness of our citizenry, but frankly infection rates are also dropping quickly and death rates even more so.  With several days recently with only 2 or 3 deaths it is reasonable to assume in the near future we will hit zero death days.  What with reporting being spotty on weekends we may well have attained this already.

Of course a big part of this dynamic is that the people who wanted the vaccine have mostly gotten it by now.  And those who have not gotten it will need convincing.  I saw this in action a week earlier.  The local Free Clinic is only a few blocks from the photo above - which btw is the County Courthouse.  The nice folks from the Free Clinic had set up a table outside on a sunny afternoon.  There were signs saying "Free Covid Vaccine.  Walk up".  As I recall there were balloons too.  As I strolled by an elderly woman who looked local to the neighborhood stopped to chat.  She asked if they had the Johnson and Johnson version.  Told no, she said thanks anyway and walked on.


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