Friday, May 31, 2013

The Big Kitty offers us a Card

We saw this marvelous van parked in a small French town....

Translated it means:  deratisation/insect control/destruction of nests of wasps and hornets/disinfection/ treatment of woodwork/defoaming/ The Chatonnerie

Google translate makes a bit of a hash of this, but "deratisation" does exist as a term for ridding a ship of rats.  Defoaming appears to refer to some sort of high pressure treatment of wood to get rid of pests that travel on same.  And "Chatonnerie" seems to be some sort of pun....evidently the exterminator regards himself as "The Big Kitty".

There is always a small risk involved in standing around photographing things.  You look like a tourist.  Or an oddball.  Maybe both.  In fact while admiring this bit of commercial art a fellow came up and asked if we would like his card.  Sure enough, it was The Big Kitty himself.  It turns out that his name is Americo da Fonseca.

He seems like a nice guy.

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