Saturday, June 1, 2013

For Doctor Beachcombing on his Lonely Quest

One thing about the internet, no matter how eccentric your interests are you will find like minded spirits.  Then you link to each other's blogs.

Doctor Beachcombing runs the Bizzare History Blog linked on the right.  It covers a variety of things I find fascinating.  And also some that don't interest me much but "Beach" finds irresistible.

In particular he likes fairies.

In the modern world this is not an entirely accepted thing.  Oh, it is fine to enjoy one of the Commercially Accepted versions of Little Folk.  That being a peculiar Trinity of Tinkerbelle, Frodo Baggins and that horrid Lucky Charms mascot.

But to believe in pixies, brownies, kobolds and sprites?  Not so much.

To be clear I don't think the good Doctor actually believes such things exist.  No, in his postings on various Fairy Investigation Societies he shirks not from depicting them as the nutters they most certainly are.

But I sense that he, perhaps for the sake of small family members, really wishes that the magic was real.

Very well then.  To cheer my fellow eccentric on his lonely vigil I present the following.  It was photographed on a bridge in an undisclosed English county (not Norfolk).

This little sign and doorway at shoe top level is either the least effective advertisement ever (the overgrown sign is from someone who makes rabbit hutches), or a special gate for the local fairy population.

Believe what you will.

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Anonymous said...

Tactitus, thanks for this, that greatly amused me! As to fairy writing it is definitely a lonely road. Researching fairy folklore has been the closest I’ve ever come to having the experience of being a Jehovah‘s Witness: ostracism would be too strong a word, but there is certainly bewilderment on the part of friends, family and colleagues and people shake their heads a good deal. I suppose out of courtesy to the fairy believers I study (who are, btw, uniformly lovely people) and also out of intellectual principle I keep an ‘open mind’, but there is also a grill over it so not too much rubbish falls in… Perhaps not unlike this door. Yours, Beach