Thursday, May 9, 2013

Vindolanda 2013 - Day Eight

Not that much to report today.  We finished the floor level of the last few days and backed up to take off another section of grass.  This process is called "de-turfing" and I rather enjoy it.

I suppose to be clear we are not actually finished with these floor levels, it is a five year archeological plan so the levels we are now at will be peeled back slowly over the next few years.  There are probably two or three hundred years of additional floors and so forth further down

The current layers are short on artifacts simply because of how late they are.  These shabby walls and tumbled down floors are very late Roman or more plausibly post Roman.

A fascinating era in history really,  I am pretty sure that people huddled inside these rude walls and talked about rumors they had heard about this fellow Arthur, or to give him a more Roman and plausible moniker, Artorius.

Odd bits do turn up.  I thought this was something...such and odd shape and a surprisingly pointy end.  The chief archeologist on site pondered long and hard and decided "Nah, just some sort of nail".

When the Dark Agers had lost coinage and pottery they still could work with iron.

They also seem to have been keen hunters.  A nice wild boar tusk turned up earlier this week.

And check out this bit of antler.  Man, that was one substantial deer.

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