Thursday, May 9, 2013

Vindolanda 2013 - Day Nine

We spent the day working through the late/post Roman debris to something that is trying to be a proper floor surface.

We think it looks rather nice.

As to dating it is still anybody's guess.  But I did find two coins today.  One was just a wisp of greenish dust, but the other has a small chance of helping to pin down the chronology.

Another find of the day.  This time the head guy stared at it long and hard before ruling that it was indeed a Small Find.  Behold the majesty of An Unidentified Metal Thing.

Oh, I thought I had a bit of excitement there for a bit.  Troweling along I came to this.

I had some possibilities.  It was a square stone, certainly it had been worked.  And it had what looked like a letter S on it.  Or was it a lighting bolt?  Or a rune?

It had a chance of being something very nice, like a small altar.  Alas, alas.  It turned out to just be a stone with a possible mason's mark on it.  Or maybe just a natural squiggle, I have seen odder things.

Off to the pile of stones being kept for conservation work.  Our mason should approve.

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