Saturday, May 11, 2013

Farewell to Northumberland - May 2013

Leaving northern England now, so posting is going to be a bit uncertain.  Probably back to the usual Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule with the occasional add on when so inclined.

More travels, work, and the odd bit of old material that I need to get around to.

A good excavation trip, fun company.  And if I did not find any glittering treasures I can still claim a signal accomplishment.

The Twice Brewed Inn has a long running pub quiz that has been voted the worst in Great Britain.  Nonsensical questions tossed out in a Liverpudlian accent by a capricious dictator.  The worst part is that other teams get an opportunity to cut you score by half, or if you are particulary a target of their ire, by 75%.

As the Vindolanda team tends to be fairly proficient (an odd mix of academic credentials and implasuble pop music knowlege is usually in evidence), we almost always get knicked hard this way.

But this week we pulled it off.  Winning a substantial victory we claimed first prize, which turned out to be a beer stained LP of Peter and the Wolf.  It is generally advised that teams play for second place which is a bottle of wine, but we had the bit in our teeth and could not be stopped.

Victory was ours.

So farewell to Northumberland, and farewell Twice Brewed Inn.

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Harry said...

Looks like quite the 2 weeks! Safe travels back. And thanks so much for sharing the dig every day with us less fortunate.