Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Death of Fangorn

Back in early March I ran a post called  The Ents of Wisconsin.  I had while driving about encountered a mysterious, fog shrouded spot with what looked to me to be a Tolkienesque tree.

I was on my way elsewhere and did not have time to stop for a proper look see.  So on a mid April trip though the same area I thought I would stop in for another peek.

The great Ent had fallen!

In the Lord of the Rings Ents are generally described as being aloof but honest, always working for the preservation of their forests.  But a few are said to have become sinister, to have dark, rotten hearts.

Maybe this was one of those...

Farewell Fangorn, you stood for generations of men, and so long as you held your vigil that housing project remained stymied, at bay.  I fear now that they will just make a bonfire of your remains and that men and machines will march onward.

Probably next time I drive past Saruman Acres will have grown considerably.

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