Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Officer Squirrel.....

Red Squirrel Officer (Northumberland)
Join us
Protect local wildlife
Salary: Salary scale starts at £18,991 plus pension contribution 
(3 year contract)
Closing date: Monday 21st November 2011
An experienced wildlife advisor is needed to deliver grey
squirrel control planning, funding and monitoring appropriate
to defined  red squirrel conservation needs in Northumberland.       
This is a real job posting.  Or rather it was, note the expiration date.  Northumberland is one of
the last strongholds of Red Squirrels in the UK.  I am always on the lookout as I walk to the
site in the mornings, as I understand that is the best time to spot them.  So far...nothing.

But if I am so fortunate you can bet I will log on and mark my siting on this fascinating
squirrel map of Northern England!  Yes, we are watching you!

Although I in general have an aversion to thieving rodents I am prepared to make an 
exception for those with Spock ears.  And they do seem to need our help.

Save the Red Squirrels

And according to Prince Charles:   HRH Patron of the Reds

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