Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Middle Earth comes to the Middle School

The endless winter continues, with another blizzard anticipated to hit us on April 11th.  Ick.

After many attempts to schedule an outdoor test of the world's first robotic dragster I finally cancelled altogether.  Serves me right for trying a project that was so weather dependent.

But at least the current after school class is going well.

I was initially skeptical but have to concede that running a Dungeons and Dragons group for middle school aged kids is rather.....interesting.

It involves lots of dice.  And many cryptic, scribbled notes.  I also use genuine ancient coins for authenticity.  At least a few worn bronzes and a couple of badly bashed about Roman denarii.  No gold, that would be a little too much reality.  Especially since one "hobbit-thief" character is quite diligent about stealing things from fellow players.  And from me if he can get away with it.

All the kids actually get into and stay in character easily.  This makes for a fun game.

Of course, being middle schoolers they are astonishingly disorganized.  They all talk at once.  They argue with each other.  This makes them very prone to misadventure in the "world" I have created for them.  Shamefully they were recently routed and driven off in disarray by a handful of giant ticks.  Not especially heroic imho.

They are Nerds.  And Nerd Proud at that.  So I figured we should go for the full Gamer Nerd experience.  Instead of the usual nutritious granola snacks and milk I asked for something special for the group.

Surprisingly, I got it too!

Cheetos and Mountain Dew.  That's what I'm talkin' about.

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