Monday, April 23, 2018

Walking into the Past

We met up with some old friends from Residency recently.  Three decades and change since we'd seen each other.  Lots to talk about.  We did a variety of things one of which was a walk at the University of Minnesota Arboretum on a day when unwelcome snow was melting fast.  

There was a sculpture garden section and I had to pose with this one.  It was just so very, very familiar.....

Oh, c'mon, you've seen this before.......

From the original Star Trek series I give you "The Guardian of Tomorrow", an alien device able to transport you through time and space.  It did not seem to be powered up when I walked through it.

I actually did a bit of internet searching, trying to figure out what happened to the original prop.  Since Trek was cancelled unceremoniously and with scant possibility of revival it is reasonable to assume this was just scrapped.  But nobody seems to know for sure.  

The the sculpture is called, rather prosaically, "Stone Arch" It was supposedly built in 1995 but with an artifact able to bend space and time such information is meaningless.

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