Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A Three Season Walk

It snowed for three straight days over the weekend.  Today it is warm and melty.  Tomorrow it might snow again.  Pretty odd weather for the second half of April.

But walks must go on under all conditions.  Today's was just a bit weird.  

I am carrying my camera more of late, getting both my legs and my photographer's eye ready for travels ahead.

Near as I can tell this is where an oak leaf fell on top of the foot of snow.  With the bright sun and the color difference, it warmed up and melted its way right down to the sidewalk underneath.

 A better view with some depth to the image.

It's not just this Winter/Spring that has been odd.  Last year's Fall/Winter was too.  I never finished raking the front yard because the big maple tree out front never dropped half its leaves.  We still had nice fall colors long after snow covered the ground.

Some of them are up there still.  Probably they will coexist with new spring buds for a short while.

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