Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Time Capsule - Ghostly Cub Scout

As various extended family households begin to be "tidied up" there are boxes opened, trash and treasures revealed.  Time Capsule will be an occasional glimpse into these.  I'm not sure who might find them interesting but you could say that about most real time capsules dug up years later....

Sometimes what you can remember is only a hint, just a whiff of the past.  In this case I remember the smell of vinegar.

Regular visitors to Detritus of Empire have often endured some low quality photography.  But nothing quite this crude.  Tucked into the Cub Scout book were these two grainy, overexposed photos.  Irregular in size and slightly curled they don't look like conventional pictures.

I vaguely remember doing a photography project in Cub Scouts.  We had some kind of film that you could develop yourself.  

With no windows the downstairs bathroom was the darkest place in the house.  You took the exposed film, which was slippery and white, and swirled it around in a dish of stuff that smelled like and probably was, vinegar.  Ghostly images slowly appeared.

Both pictures seem to be in our basement.  I think this might be my older brother, or perhaps somebody in my Cub Scout Den.

A year or two before these photos were taken we had a serious fire in the house and this was one of the few rooms left untouched.

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