Monday, April 30, 2018

Time Capsule - Lookin' good in uniform

As various extended family households begin to be "tidied up" there are boxes opened, trash and treasures revealed.  Time Capsule will be an occasional glimpse into these.  I'm not sure who might find them interesting but you could say that about most real time capsules dug up years later....


The artifact:

Its a memento book of my Cub Scout days.  From the photos it appears to be 1965 to 1967.  The cover is plywood with the lettering stenciled on and then scorched with a 'wood burning' tool.  You don't see those around any more.

I think this is actually my original art work.  The glued on bandanna is a nice touch. Lately I have been watching the Hornblower series, a naval epic from the Napoleonic era.  It amuses me how much this hat makes me look like a Royal Navy captain.

The photos are a mixture of black and white and color.  This picture apparently was taken at somebody else's house.  It is not our fireplace.

It looks as if my rank is "Wolf".  Back in the day the sequence was Wolf-Bear-Lion. It was sort of based on Kipling's Jungle Book I think.

I am smiling in all these pictures.  Having been reflecting of late on my early years and family it looks as if it was happier than I remember it.

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