Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Walking in the Cotswolds Part Two

We have been lucky with the weather on this jaunt, blue skies today.  We did not have a long walk today just from Bourton on the Water to the oddly named hamlet of Guiting Power. And it was rather a contrast.

Bourton bills itself as "The Venice of the Cotswolds".  It does have a lovely little river going through its village green, spanned by a series of little bridges.  But it is a Tourist Town.  Too many ice cream shops and kitchy museums.  The many visitors seemed to universally be having no fun at all.  Perhaps they expected something else.  We hoofed it out of there.

Leaving town we passed an encampment of gypsies getting ready for an annual Horse Fair in the area.  Scrawny dogs tied up to a vintage "gypsy wagon".  Parked next to it a new SUV.

Finally we got out of town.  And the Cotswolds really are quite lovely in spring.

At one point I spotted a little ruin along the path.  It looks just a little like the brewery caves I run across back in the States but there was no clue as to its purpose beyond proximity to some rail road tracks.

Sheep are out and about but less numerous than "up North".

Eventually we approached Guiting Power.  It is a quiet hamlet.  We were advised that there would not be much to do there but the place has two pubs, our B and B has a comfy bed and our various aches and pains promise to be refreshed in due course.

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