Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pub Quiz

When digging at Vindolanda my long time home has been the Twice Brewed Inn.  Convenient, friendly, and a quirky sort of place where you were made to feel welcome even if you dragged in with some digging dirt on you.

It was sold and renovated in the off season, so I am having to cope with change.  Much of it good by the way.

But the famous "Twicey Quiz" is no more.

This shook me to the core.  The Twice Brewed Quiz was a revered institution, one that had been officially proclaimed the Worst in Britain.  It was also great fun.

No Twicey Quiz?  Why it would be like the ravens leaving the Tower, a harbinger most certain of impending calamity.

But we adapt.  Another local pub had a quiz last night and we had a good contingent in attendence.


Jeffrey Smith said...

What was the TwiceBrewed Quiz? Perhaps you could revive it back in the States.

And btw I stumbled over some tree trunk tombstones this morning in the Shenadoah Valley. Unfortunately it was at the end of a tour stop and I did not notice them until the end, too late to get a good look or even see the names and dates: our group was there because it was part of a battlefield from Stonewall Jackson's 1862 campaign. But if you ever go that way, look for Cross Keys Cemetery.

A member of my group mentioned a variant found in New England: broken ship masts which memorialized those lost at sea.

Tacitus2 said...

The Twicey Quiz was a unique thing. It was run by the prior owner of the Inn and was a delightful anarchic event with a mix of standup comedy, stupid pop music songs, penalty points handed out capriciously and prizes from the local charity shops. All done in his peculiar Liverpool (Liverpudlian actually) accent. We miss him and wish him well in retirement.
Most UK pub quizes are fairly serious events. This one had people singing along off key, good natured insults, lots of pints.
good times, good times. But nothing lasts forever.
Looking for tree shaped tombstones here and so far finding none in the UK>