Monday, May 9, 2016

The Passions of Pagans?

On our drive up to Vindolanda we had to stop and see a few other sites.  Castles, Roman forts, the usual stuff.  But this year we added some neolithic sites to the menu.  The really old stuff. Standing stones, barrows, the whole stone age up to Druid era bit of history.

These have been around so long that nobody even really tries to tell their history, its been lost.

This one for instance is called "King Arthur's Table".  Because it is round.  It is far more likely that Arthur King had a picnic here in 1973 than King Arthur sitting down with his knights on this spot.

Nearby is a brooding, ominous place called Mayburgh Henge.  It is a hollowed out hill top within which stands a massive irregular stone.  When we were there a man and woman had gone down into the henge ahead of us.  Check out the body languege.  She is really into this. She was dancing around, coming back to lay hands on the stone.  I don't remember if she hugged it. The bloke is standing there looking bored, perhaps wondering when the whole fertility rites part of the program begins.

They left and my pal Jeff and I went down to the stone.  We put our hands on it.  I closed my eyes to see if I could tune in any messages from the Inscrutable Unknown World.  And you know, I think I got something.

I came away with the distinct impression that in our excavations I would unearth....a large irregular stone.

Sun is up and the digging starts shortly.

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