Monday, October 12, 2015

Things I am going to do when I retire

In no particular order, just things that occur to me.  When the list gets long enough I guess I shall print it off, retire and start at the top.  Or the bottom, or the middle.

1. Our State University system allows mature (i.e. long time taxpayers) individuals to take a limited number of classes per semester at a really cheap rate.  As in, free after age 60.  No college credits earned - who needs 'em? - and on an as available basis.  Somehow I doubt that the subjects I find interesting will be immediately filled with aspiring young scholars who need certain pre-requisite classes.  I do so look forward to trouncing the young and distracted on exams.

2. Travel for longer stretches of time.  When you go to Europe or Alaska for instance, the big ticket item is, well, the ticket.  If I/we are going to spring for airfare it makes sense to stay for a month or longer instead of the lesser sojourns that even a flexible work schedule permits.  Of course travel can be pricey on a day to day basis, so more walking holidays, maybe hostel stays.  I am compiling a comprehensive list of all my overseas friends with notations on the availability of their sofas and on their general gullibility!

3. Get a dog.  Work and travel together don't fit with responsible pet ownership.  I want a loyal, yet eccentric, canine side kick.  This one is a provisional item, it may be that grandchildren will be more fun, with the side benefit being that the cleaning up after them side of things can be mostly "sub contracted".

4. Work in a brewery.  In my current work as an Emergency Room doctor I have to handle an enormous array of wants and demands, and work out complex decision trees to arrive at the correct diagnosis.  Working the tap room at one of the small local breweries seems much easier.

     Patron; "I want a beer."
     Barkeep: "Here ya go."

My patient satisfaction scores are not bad in my current role.  But in my new career I think I could hit 100%.

5.  Have a "local".  This is more of a U.K. term I guess.  It means have a pub/bar that I visit often enough to be recognized as a regular.  You can't really do this when you are a practicing physician. Upon retirement you can.  And will likely get the nickname "Doc".  Just stop in a few times a week for one beer, that's all.

6. Speaking of names I suppose I could write under my birth certificate issued moniker.  Nom de plume is prudent in some ways but would not be a necessity when I no longer have a Reputation to protect.

7. Do more volunteer work with the local school system.  I have had a lot of fun for many years teaching in the after school program.  The Alternative School needs help.  There should be a high school level robotics program.*  These things can be done.  A modicum of meeting attendance could be tolerated in worthy pursuits.

8. Probably UnRetire a time or two. lets be realistic here.

*Dear Lord, my bluff has been called on this one.  Per a recent post the alumni from my middle school class have banded together to form a high school FIRST team.  This throws me right into the maelstrom!


Wynne said...

Do you have a date chosen for this retirement plan? It sounds like you will have much to look forward to. Go for it Tim!

Tacitus2 said...

End of 2015. T