Friday, October 23, 2015

Combat Robotics 2015 - Third Report

The kids have conferences or some such so a week without our after school class.  Here are a few machines from the Tuesday section that are coming along rather nicely.

Your basic four wheel drive pusher robot.  Thin polycarbonate strips on the front as a wedge.  Bits of sandpaper glued onto the styrofoam wheels.

Two wheel drive wedge design.  Oh, also a rapidly spinning steak knife on the front.  It is not an effective weapon but it does look cool.

If this works it will be cool.  I just noticed that the pointy part of the weapon is in the wrong direction.  It will have to be removed and reversed.

This student opted to go for defense.  Should be fairly safe inside a sheet metal cylinder.

Overall a reasonably functional group of machines with two or three build sessions left to go.

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