Saturday, October 17, 2015

Cubs Fans....Take one for the Team (aka the Human Race)

I mentioned this a few years ago.  It was at the time a light hearted observation but now I am concerned.  Deeply concerned.

In one of my all time favorite short stories W.P. Kinsella - he wrote the book that became the move Field of Dreams - made a chilling prediction.

It appears in the story The Last Pennant Before Armageddon.  The premise is that the long suffering Chicago Cubs are finally within reach of the National League championship.  And their manager begins having disturbing, prophetic dreams....

"It was on the sixth night God spoke.  Tiller was certain that Al Capone was one of the lobbyists that evening.  He had always thought of Capone as a White Sox fan."

"God cleared his throat before he spoke; his voice sounded as if it were emanating from an echo chamber.  My dreams are like 'B' movies, or bad television,  Al Tiller thought.  I couldn't let anyone know about them without apologizing for their quality.  When God did speak he sounded to Al Tiller a little like a senator."

"'I appreciate your interest,' God said. 'I want to assure you that I hold the Chicago Cubs in highest esteem.  I have listened to your entreaties and considered the matter carefully from all angles.  I am aware of how long it has been since the Cubs have won a pennant.  I think you should know that when the Cubs next win the National League Championship, it will be the last pennant before Armageddon....."

Game one of the National League Championship tonight.  Pray for a Cubs collapse.  If it does not happen, I suggest prayers on a more wholesale basis.


Somebody wrote a play based on this story.  It had a short run in 2003 and has not been put on since. Maybe it is time?

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