Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Debris Settles

More complete report tomorrow, but a stirring round of robot combat yesterday.  Lots of surprises. One favorites of the judges was a mobile cardboard box called "Slow the Snail".  Here it is in test driving the week before the event:

His high tech armor made of cardboard/duct tape/plywood/VCR box took an astonishing amount of abuse without damage to the electronics and mechanicals inside.  Slow, yes.  Snail like, yes indeed.

Eventually the arena hazards were turned to full power and Slow the Snail had a tough match.  Off he went to Robot Hospital for repairs.  Among the detached parts were his "snail smile".  His mood thus altered by experience the decision was made by Snail's builder to alter the design for what proved to be his final match...

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