Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Small Town Stroll

My scouting mission to Durand Wisconsin located my main objective - the brewery cave - quickly. So I had some time to wander around a bit.  You see some interesting things in small towns.

Small town newspapers often have interesting names.  The Courier - Wedge is odder than most. Around the corner was the municipal park with the classic bit of civic architecture, a band shell.

I was a bit surprised to find a Nativity Scene parked up there.  In a lot of locations various spoil-sports have filed lawsuits relating to separation of Church and State.

The cradle is empty, maybe that is their legal loophole.  Kind of an odd assembly of characters here:

Shop worn Wise Man.  I can never remember which one was supposedly Ethiopian.  Gaspar maybe.

Two odd humanoid figures.  One with wings. One without.

It is a nice little park.  I liked the trash can with a musical theme.

A couple of blocks away I walked past a shed that had a whole bunch of these.

This has to be a high school art project.  "Groovy" and "I (heart) the 70s"!  The bottom barrel is more enigmatic.  "Video killed the Radio".  Last I checked radio stations were doing ok and video rental stores were imploding.


The Old Man said...

"Video Killed The Radio Star" Note the blue star under "radio" that completes the phrase.

Tacitus2 said...

Ah.....had to look that one up. Never heard of the original group - The Camera Club - or the one that made it known (can't really call it famous), The Buggles.

My UK pop music fanatic pals will be all over this I suppose.

There are entire galaxies of ignorance for me. Big dark patches in the sky...


next door Laura said...

Do you think Choplin is a cover group that plays classical reworks of Joplin tunes?

Tacitus2 said...

I was thinking it was a typo, but YouTube does have a musician of this name playing Bach on the organ.
Less plausibly there is a Japanese Comedy duo by the same name.


Jeb Texas said...

Video Killed... was one of the very very early MTV hits. Made sense as a comment on the future of music given the popularity of the genre.