Friday, November 28, 2014

J.J. Lundy - Rest in Peace

As I mentioned in a post some months back J.J. Lundy was a fine craftsman of stone monuments in the area around Independence Iowa.  I was through there again recently and dropped by the cemetery where the Lundy family is resting.  I was expecting something grand and over the top.  Here is what I found.

The Lundy family plot.  Nice, but I admit I was expecting something more.

The marker for Lundy's only child.  His death must have been a hard burden.  J.J. himself only survived for one more year.

As I went here and there about the very Catholic cemetery I saw a lot of conventional stone work.  Having seen a few examples of his more artistic creations I was a little disappointed. Maybe small town folks are just a little less ostentatious in life and in death.

A tree themed bench, showing the unfortunate structural weakness inherent to the design.

I am seeing more of these deteriorating monuments these days.  Another headless Dove of Peace.

There were a number of these "mini Rustic Crosses" in this cemetery.  This one has been cemented back together but not very securely.

The prize of this visit for me was something I had not seen before.  I am very sure J.J. Lundy's hand carved it.  A nice tree themed planter dedicated to the common burial plot for a group of nuns.

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