Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Biggest Turkey in the Store

It has been many years since my grandmother passed away.  I assume she is now in some sort of tamed down Norwegian-German Lutheran Valhalla. Instead of boisterous feasting halls with flowing ale and roasted stag I expect they dine frugally on bland white food and chase it down with decaf.

But in her day Grandma Nita served up an impressive Thanksgiving dinner.  She expected us all to be there.  It was just assumed.  So each year she went down to the local grocery store (my memory makes it a Red Owl) and told them she needed the biggest turkey they had.

Oh, how we ate.  Three kinds of pie.  A huge bowl of mashed potatoes.  Corn, stuffing, cranberry sauce.  All as supporting cast to the star of the show, a turkey the size of an adolescent ostrich.

So when driving through Elk Creek Wisconsin I just had to stop, turn around and snap a photo of this:

It looks as if it once was some kind of parade float.  I am not sure why it is sitting on the lawn of this house propped up on white plastic barrels.  I photographed it on Halloween, perhaps they just leave it up all November.  What better way to welcome the family - all of whom are expected - for a Thanksgiving feast to remember.
Addendum: A bit more sleuthing suggests that the turkey is sitting on a dinner plate.  And that the entire entree once was perched atop the Elk Creek Inn a nearby dining spot.

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