Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Robotics-Hard at work

We have just returned from Christmas vacation, but a few images of the robotics class before and after the break.

Here is the mobile version of my basement workshop, all compacted down to fit on a single shop cart.

I am usually reluctant to let kids take work home.  It does not always get worked on, and is often forgotten at home rendering the next class session worthless as well.  But the above is a rather nice machine that a kid and his dad worked on at home.  The clear armor is polycarbonate, probably bullet proof up through the smaller calibers.
Making weight, batteries included!  I tell kids that this is the most formidable machine they will face.

Dirty hands.  I approve.  This kid was further cutting down a kiddy car gearbox.

Another kid and dad project brought from home.  Reminds me of an upside down watering can.  Or perhaps R2D2 gone over to the Dark Side.  That circular blade actually spins with some ferocity.  I do wonder about the stability of this thing, seems a bit top heavy.  I might overlook a couple of overweight ounces of stabilizing fins on the bottom....

Different approaches.  Here is a 3 pounder that is going to be pretty much all offense.  Just a strip of plywood with a big gearbox/metal blade attached.  Thin polycarbonate trailers keep it from tipping backwards.  In this shot they are being bent with a heat gun.

And the same machine near completion.  Still needs batteries, electronics and maybe a few scraps of armor.
Another "offensive" 3 pounder taking shape.  Like a 1950's gang member it will swing a rusty bicycle chain.  It seems off balance, but the young engineer insists it will not shake itself to pieces...
And a one pounder that is pretty much all defense.  Made of styrofoam but well protected with side armor.

Mr. Happy's Secret Weapon.....thumb tack studded wheels to dig into the plywood arena floor!

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