Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's like they don't care that I know

There is a great line from the movie "Chicken Run" in which the doltish Mr. Tweedy engages every last one of his limited supply of grey cells, and after pondering long and hard comes to this conclusion regarding chickens:

[Whispering to himself] "They're organized. I know it."

We had a recent similar experience at our house, although Spouse bears no resemblence to the venomous Mrs. Tweedy. 

We were in the kitchen minding our own business when one of the squirrels that I suspect of being part of an ongoing surveillance detail was noticed high up in a tree where he thought we could not see him:
Sipping on coffee to keep warm. 

They're organized.  I know it!


next door Laura said...

Sipping on a beverage was part of his attempt to act like he was nonchalantly just hanging out in a tree when in fact, he on a surveillance mission watching us through the kitchen window. It was working pretty well until he fumbled the empty cup.

Smooth move squirrel.

Honeybee said...

For real?

Tacitus2 said...

For real. My rare attempts at photoshoppery are pathetic and easily seen through.


Harry said...

Book him Danno!