Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mysteries of France-The Cartoon Eyes

Although I suppose all the merch is actually made in the same Chinese sweat shops I could not help but notice that the eyes of cartoon characters are different in France.  Really.  Have a look.
This first one is not too bad.  Lego guy looks a bit heroic, and has cheekbone marks and a chin cleft not generally seen on round plastic cylinders, but the eyes are notable only for being a bit beadier than usual.

Same news stand.  A Tom and Jerry comic where the cat has surprisingly villainous eyes.  Oh, and it looks as if you get a plastic hammer as part of the deal.  And are those blue plastic horse shoes?  Yes, some opportunities for cooperative play between these two mortal foes.  I suppose a plastic anvil was too bulky.

comparison T and J

At a street market.  Tinkerbell looks fairly standard but Minnie is sporting some extra long lashes.  And that Barbie clone front and center has eyes that occupy about 50% of the width of her face.  Here in the states Babs has some unrealistic proportions to be sure, but the eyes are usually human.
Yikes!  You know, I have issues with Garfield in his conventional format-that being a bipedal, omniverous sentinent being who can communicate telepathically with his half wit owner.  But here we see him as a hideous lemur-god whose bulging eyes occupy his entire face.  Sheesh, nightmare fuel....

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