Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Dogs

As a commentator on the rise and fall of cultures I must take note of an unusual reality.....according to my blog stats there is significantly more interest in dogs dressed in silly costumes than there is in pithy commentary on archeology and modern culture!

Oh, all right then.  Just for you, what with Halloween being around the corner and all...

I would love to give attribution, but photos of this sort have been kicking around the internet long enough that they are the digital equivalent of archaeological artifacts of unclear provenance.
Cerberus, Ankle Nipper of the Underworld.  I bet I could motorize the auxiliary heads.....

Pugs are just too easy

I think we can assume that the owner started out with full cans of beer...

This last one is my all time favorite Halloween Dog shot.  The snarl on the Vampire Dog and the passive stance of the Under Dog are either the result of serendipity or of many takes. 

I shall, alas, be laboring in the ER on Halloween night.  So some of the blood and gore I will be seeing may not wash off effortlessly.  But I have instructed our candy distributors to keep camera handy, and to snap a shot of any dressed up dogs that happen by.  Usually we get a few among the more conventional bipedal visitors.

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