Friday, October 28, 2011

Dogs of France

My natural affinity for dogs is increased when I travel, especially to places where I am not fluent in the language.  Like the local canines, I am able to understand most of what is going on around me, but can't comment.  And I have to endure shopping.
I feel your pain, mon frer...

Street markets seem particularly hard on dogs.  They would really rather be somewhere else...
But other aspects of canine life in France seem OK.  They are for instance welcomed in cafes.  One place even had specific arrangements for them:
Not sure why this is in English.  Dogs don't read it any better than French.

And the well dressed and coiffed French do not forget their pets:
It is hard to be sure, but the dog seems to have his mouth open.  The notes indicate singing.  And the bubbles?

My archeology instincts never quite go dormant, so I am always scanning the ground in front of me.  This can be a good thing, as there are too few green areas in urban France for canine pit stops.  Step carefully.  Unlike here in the States I never saw anyone carrying a scooper/bag type set up.  Centuries of medieval sanitation leave some sort of cultural mark I guess.  But I did see some minimal evidence that they were trying....
Ayez le bon reflexe!

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