Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mysteries of France-But is it Art?

I won't bore you with standard graffiti, its much the same the world over.  But in a couple of places, Arles in particular, there were some things that looked like art student projects.  Maybe?
There is some kind of social commentary going on here.  Does the Pret a Porter (ready to wear) phrase relate to the image or not?
A contented Meercat in Avignon.

Not sure what language is represented here.  I'm not even going to try a translation.

Since spouse blogs under the pen name Next Door Laura this one had me worried a bit.  The red sticker up at the top looked like something official, so I think this is an art project of some sort......


jimmy the Grip said...

Mystery solved?

Not sure if you know what you have here, the first photo ("pret a porter") that you posted is by a famous French street artist who went by the tag name Miss Tic. She has been doing stencil installations in France for a few decades. She was prolific in her stencils and unlike the majority of graffiti many are purposefully tiny and hard to notice. Followers of her work will actually hunt around France and especially Paris to see her stencils, kinda like birders. She also enjoys a following of her gallery work, but much of her mystique (miss tic - get it?) was created by these stencils. Her most famous contemporary of the medium would be the British street artist Banksy, though his work is much more political than simply ironic. The other few other photos you posted look like street art possibly inspired by Miss Tic, and one is a direct tongue in cheek parody of hers (the mosquito) with the signature Muss Tic.

So to answer the question you posed is it art? To someone it is.

Tacitus2 said...

J the G...

It is never a good day unless one learns something new...

And you have made this a good day for me!

Sometimes one encounters things that dance at the edge of comprehension...they seem related, but how?

Now I know.

Thank you!