Monday, April 18, 2011

Protest Dogs

I like me some politics once in a while, but find it a difficult thing to manage in an on line format.  It is too easy to annoy people when most of the subtle courtesies of a dialog get lost, and so often people take offense where none was intended.

But still, we have had quite the political circus here in Wisconsin in recent months.  And for reasons of-oh, heck, its just how my mind works-I decided to look at protest dogs.

Dogs you say?  Do they even have political views?  They can certainly express a sense of outrage, just try and take a bone away from one sometime.  And in a society where regrettably less than half of humanoids bother to vote I figure we need to give some credit to all who turn out.

Besides, dogs are naturals at some protest activities.  Need to occupy a state capital?  Just a large scale version of sleeping on the good sofa.  And for eye pleasing visuals that grab attention, well, they work for me.

Several of these images are from the incomparable Althouse blog.   Protest Dogs

I should mention that you can purchase Dog Protest outfits commercially.  Cafe Press, an outfit that can seemingly print up small numbers of very specialized things has quite a line of them.  Here is a Dog Shirt in defense of marriage.

'Cause ya know, dogs are all about monogamous relationships...

But a lot of the better quality Dog Protest outfits have appeared recently on the streets of Madison.  Madison has become the epicenter of outrage over recent austerity measures enacted by Governor Walker and the legislature.  Some recent examples:

Scooter being a nick name for Scott Walker. 

Is this a play on paper cuts?  Dogs seem well protected from that menace...

Only a so-so sign but extra points for Corgi Cute.  Now, don't start lookin' at that tree...

 Of course, Protest Dogs come in all ideological types.  Here is a Tea Party Dog.
A most excellent pun.  Being treaded on is a real issue for micro-dogs.

Protest Dogs are not strictly an American phenomena either. There is a famous dog who shows up an any Greek protest of note.  He must actually be able to tolerate tear gas.  Here is more on him with some action photos and a link to his Facebook page!    Riot Dog

This rambunctious canine has a cult following, and has even inspired art work.

But I have my doubts.  At the end of the day dogs enjoy a comfy rug to sleep on and would be appalled if societal chaos caused any breakdown in the regular delivery of Purina Dog Chow

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