Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gone Digging

As you might guess from the post title I am off for Vindolanda, to dig literally in the detritus of empire.  I have set the autotimer for this posting to 3:10 pm, when I should be wheels up and in the air headed east.

I will try for daily posts for the next two weeks, but travel, dodgy internet connections and so forth might be hinderances. 

I am going to find out what was six inches deeper when we took this picture in 2010!


Honeybee said...

Happy digging!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Good luck with the digging Tim! I'm jealous. I had a great week there. I can see how people get hooked on it.

Harry is there next week and I've said I'll pop down and say "hello". If you are agreeable and if Harry is agreeable - maybe we could go for a coffee and swap stories about digging and blogs. Just a thought!

May see you tomorrow as I will be there with a fellow digger. As you said to me: Dig On! :)