Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Digging Life

When on my archeology expedition I am staying in a rather rural part of England called Northumbria.  The famous wall built by the Emperor Hadrian is just up the hill from the dig site.  Indeed, Vindolanda was one of the forts supporting the wall, although it preceeded its construction.

I stay at a place called the Twice Brewed Inn.
That's it, pretty much standing all by itself in the countryside. But it actually does a pretty good trade mostly people doing the Hadrians Wall walking path.  The smaller white objects are typical Northumbrian citizens.

My morning commute to the dig site is a half hour walk through fields full of these guys.  I always talk to them.  They seem like good listeners.

Part of Hadrians Wall just up the hill from the "Twicey".  It used to be much higher and did a better job keeping the Scots out.

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Hi Tacitus2,

Thank you for your great comment over at mine about films. Much appreciated!

I'm up in the middle of the night and my brain is not cannot think of anything clever to say. Love hearing your views and wishing you well in your next digging season at Vindolanda!

Hadriana :)