Friday, April 8, 2011

Dressed up Dogs

Why do people dress their dogs in ridiculous outfits?  Because they can.

Why do I put such images into my blog.  Ah, same reason, more or less.

Today, Star Wars dogs…

A Dog dressed as an Ewok.  Or in theory, vice versa.

A Darth Vader dog.  Pugs and Darth actually make very similar noises when breathing.

Yo-Dog.  He seems rather pleased with himself, which always makes for a superior dog outfit picture.

Ah, but to go beyond good into the realm of greatness requires an element of mad genius.  It requires the kind of creative spirit that cannot be forced but has to arise spontaneously (although enough malt liquor and dateless Saturday nights can help the process along).  

Without further comment I present the following, please go to the website and watch the video as well.  You deserve it.


The Style Maven said...

Yo-Dog is my beloved Pierre, he passed 2004. This pic was taken Halloween 2002.

Tacitus2 said...

May he rest in Peace. He lives on in that marvelous image.