Monday, May 14, 2018

Postage Due

My world is by and large a happy place.  Robots zip about, sometimes with parts falling off.  My grandson has dubbed me "Naughty Grandpa", surely the highest honor to which a man could ever aspire.  I have the time, inclination and sturdy health to gallivant about the world, enjoying a tasty pint at the end of each adventuresome day.

But of course there are always a few darker notes.  It's just the way of things.

I've made only passing allusions to difficulties attendant to my parent's declining state. It is not a happy tale and one of the villains of the story is a voracious individual, in my opinion one of those social parasites who wears the mantle of Crusader for Rights while siphoning off the assets so painfully scraped together by elderly people who have no idea what the purpose or consequences are of the actions undertaken.   

The latest bit of unwelcome mail is more of the same.  Long winded, vaguely threatening, short deadline for me to consider whether to sign something.  And to add insult to, well, more insult, there was no return envelope for me to mail the form back.  I'm a tolerant person but when you leech away an obscene sum of money, I figure you can afford to pay fifty cents in return postage.

Well what's a guy to do.  The form has been screened for legal booby traps and tests clean, so it shall be signed and sent back.  I considered returning it postage due but decided instead to dig into the drawer of old but still legal postage stamps.  Lets see, got any combination that expresses my indignation at victimizing old people, making younger people people jump through endless hoops, and getting bloated and wealthy on the skimmed life savings of the Greatest Generation?

* To be clear, while I am griping specifically about the indignity of having to provide my own postage on a business correspondence, my comments are otherwise of a general nature.  My dealings with the financial service and legal industries as they relate to generational matters has been uniformly unpleasant.  Of the large cast of characters encountered along the way most - but not all - are competent.  And some - but not many - are of upstanding character.  They all get paid.


Honeybee said...

I hope the intent of old stamps, cobbled together to make up a worthy postage amount, is not lost on the (probable) office functionary who will open said envelope. I only wonder why you wasted one extra cent to accomplish this! Oh well, deed done. Just know that you are valued and appreciated by many. P.S. Can we wish gout and hangnails on this scoundrel?

Borepatch said...

It's sad how some people seem happy to be miserable human beings