Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Digging Hill 80 - First Report

First day of digging for me at the Hill 80 site.  World War One archeology is a bit different from working a Roman site.  Also this is a salvage dig being done in advance of construction.  The pace of work is of necessity faster and it is clear that not everything interesting can be excavated.   

I should preface by saying that I will post what I am allowed to photograph but for assorted reasons ( human remains, large explosive devices ) I'll have to limit my scope.

For a more comprehensive view I suggest you have a look at the Hill 80 facebook page. They offer an option for being on the "Virtual Dig" with daily video walk throughs and great back ground.  Yes, it costs a bit but as a donation to a worthy cause it is worth consideration:

 Dig Hill 80

So, day one of digging.  It was hot and sunny.  Harder work than Vindolanda, I was clearing a cellar of brick and debris.  Let's start with Concerning Photo of the Day:

I uncovered a cache of ammunition.  This is German, five round clips.  You can see seven or eight clips here, eventually I unearthed 30 or more of these.  Here's what an individual clip looks like:

I'm going to admit up front that this is not really the most concerning photo I took today.  I'm saving a couple that may be Concerning Photo of the Week....

Non military stuff turns up too.  Here the Virgin Mary, unearthed from the Miller's house, looks upon us..

Odd Photo of the Day:

Not sure why a whole bunch of chain is down there with the busted up bricks.  It is trying hard to "be" something.

Enough for today, I've had a shower (on site, nice) and a beer (off site, very nice).  Back again tomorrow.


JayNola said...

Drive chain from milling gear?

Pachydermis2 said...

Not drive chain, old school heavy duty links. Probably just random detritus but draped over a possible bunker entrance. Found a pair of gigantic barn hinges nearby. Weird stuff.