Monday, April 4, 2016

Badgers, Donkeys and Elephants

Here in Wisconsin we have our Presidential Primary tomorrow.  I often try to explain US politics to my overseas friends but this cycle I have just given up.  It seems there are no rules any longer.

In Wisconsin we have what is called an "Open Primary".  This means that I can walk into the polling place and decide that, "By Gosh I feel like a Progressive Democrat this fine, sunny morning!".  Or, "Those darn punks on my lawn...something must be done.  I'm in a very Right Wing mood today."

Most years a later primary like ours is of no moment.  Usually the nominees for each party are so far along in the selection process that the input of our little Badger refuge is irrelevant.  But this year, maybe not so much.

On a brief stroll across a parking lot I saw three cars in the space of a few strides that sum up the political landscape around me.

Note please that both of these are on new, expensive vehicles that were made overseas.  I doubt either driver would really welcome the tariffs and trade wars proposed by Trump or the income redistribution favored by Bernie.

The third bumper sticker is probably the most politically coherent message.*

* Although a serious contender for most coherent message would have to be a bill board I saw the next day.  It read:


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