Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Kitsch Overload in Wisconsin Dells

I enjoy silly things like road side attractions.  Big goofy statues, kitschy souvenir shops, that sort of thing.  I am usually ready for more.  But a recent trip to Wisconsin Dells was a bit of an overdose. Gaudy, over-sized, out of place stuff everywhere. After a half hour I had seen enough.

Hey, is that the Colosseum out there beyond the water slides and the Go Kart track?

Why, yes it is.  Or at least an old looking facade over a modern hotel.

I will spare you the worst of it, it was not a particularly good day for photos anyway.  But this sure caught my eye....

A fleet of moose themed delivery vehicles.  But the name Moose Jaw, the concept of pizza, and this view of the world....seemed a bit discordant.


Honeybee said...

Oh boy! We need to get you to Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge, TN if you want to see REAL kitsch!

jon spencer said...

There is always the House on the Rock for more kitsch.
It is worth seeing at least once though.