Thursday, March 31, 2016

Big Fish Maintenance

I like the unexpected discovery of large, kitchy advertising figures.  Whenever possible I report new sightings to the indispensable Roadside America site.  As it happens they already had this "Big Fish" on the shores of Lake Superior in Ashland, Wisconsin.

It's a very nice fish. Fiber glass, fairly new.  It would be difficult to fit it into the accompanying fishing boat but it pleases me to imaging the former towing the latter all across the bay with the tired but happy angler finally beaching this monster on the shoreline just across the highway.

S.S. River Rock is a reference to a business that presumably put up this tableau.  You don't find nearly enough combination bait shop/inns in the world.  That's their parking lot in the back ground of this photo.

I have seen too many Roadside Attractions that have been allowed to slowly decay.  So I heartily approve of this donation box, if not of the headache inducing, hard to read lettering.

While the fish is doing great the boat needs help.  I was in a hurry, just passing through.  But next time I am up that way I am going to toss in a little loose change to help replace the prop on this outboard motor.  It pleases me to imagine that Big Fish bit it off.

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