Monday, March 14, 2016

Sympathy for Hillary

Grumbling as I do so, it seems that fairness requires me to adjust my thinking a bit and find a modicum of sympathy for Hillary Clinton as she struggles to explain her email problems.  Keeping a private email server in her basement....harrumph.  Trying to say with a straight face that she never put anything classified on if.  Saying that she deleted 30,000 emails because they related solely to inconsequential matters such as yoga classes and her daughter's wedding.....alright, I have to give her a little slack there.

I recently went back to work after spending a couple of hectic months on student robotic projects. No ER for me in my stooped dotage, I am back working on the clinic side.  Better dressed and with better rest as I like to say.

The organization I am working for needs a utility infielder to cover a couple of sites where the dearth of primary care providers is being felt most acutely.  I have worked for them on and off for nine years. They are good folks.

But now that I have to keep track of things in several places I have actually started to look at my work email.  Never bothered before, if there was something I needed to know somebody told me.  Or if it was really important they sent it to the email that I actually use.

So, how many emails can a very part time employee accumulate in nine years?


Very few have any real importance.  I skimmed enough to see lots of meeting announcements and other nonsense.  Only 25 were flagged as junk mail!

In that time I have yet to attend a single yoga class and while we did have a wedding in the family I confined myself to the traditional male role of looking distinguished and writing checks.
Addendum: You know, I bet Ms. Clinton's spam folder has even less in it.  I mean, dubious African princes probably actually DO email her offering up large amounts of money!

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