Monday, November 9, 2015

Pigs n Pubs

On a recent road trip here in Wisconsin I detected something of a theme...

The last one in particular is a little disconcerting.  The glowing red eyes, the pallor and the tux make our porcine friend look a bit Mephistophelian.

You might think that pigs and drinking would naturally be associated.  The former being something of an archetype for over consumption.  But in the UK where pubs are numerous and of long heritage I have to say that pigs are not over represented in the names. In fact, among the top ten pub names we find Red Lion, White Hart and various shades of Swan.

Here in the US there is a complicated association of pigs with illegal, after hours or Prohibition area tippling houses.  "Blind Pigs" as they have been called.  An eclectic discussion of the phrase Blind Pig and its related name Blind Tiger can be found here. Maybe the association has carried over into more enlightened times.

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